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Individual Therapy 

Couples Therapy 

Trauma Therapy 

Adolescent Therapy

My Approach

Healing Your Story PLLC, is based off of a trauma informed, empathic narrative approach.

 Your Story impacts your self-worth, your relationships and your world view. 

My theory derives from taking the time to reread and process through your previous chapters. 

Healing, processing and gaining the insight to understand who you are and what you want from your life moving forward.
About me

Your story is powerful. I understand personally and professionally what a privilege and a blessing it is to hear and help guide your path to healing.

My therapeutic style is a mix of humor, passion and real life experience. 




Self-Worth & Self-Growth

Vulnerability and Intimacy 

Depression, Anxiety and Stress

My time with Britt has been nothing short of life-altering. After years of failed attempts with countless therapists, she shattered my previous perspective of therapy.


Not only has she provided the trust and comfort of a space I felt comfortable to talk about my history, but never once has she met my words with judgement or a forceful push to go deeper than I want. Only her funny, empathetic, and passionate self. Always willing to go the extra mile, she’s guided me to a place where I’m now hopeful for my future.


In time Britt becomes immeasurably more of a friend than a therapist.

Alyssa, 19
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